Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Breed of Attorney

I started this blog to share my insights regarding dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration and litigation in the state, federal, and administrative courts. My intent is to make the law more accessible for the consumers of it. In my experience, litigation is often a poor method to resolve one’s legal difficulties. However, it is frequently a necessary evil because parties simple are unable to come to reasonable conclusions regarding their legal disputes.

Too much of the time litigation ensues because of ego, because parties fail to understand the consequences of litigation, and because the parties fail to take advantage of litigation alternatives. Therefore, I share these insights in the hope that people will not fall victim to excessive attorneys’ fees, loss of time, as well as anxiety and heartache caused from litigation.

I also share these insights so readers know what it takes to win a dispute and so readers know when to litigate. Loss of reputation, loss of significant sums of money, loss of the ability to work, and loss of intellectual capital are all good reasons to litigate civil disputes. Litigating on “principal” is simply not worth it.

As a primer to my philosophy, I offer you this advice: Litigate only when losses significantly exceed the costs of litigation. I am constantly surprised how in the heat of the moment litigants ignore this advice. So, what are the costs and how do you know when to litigate? That is what this blog is about.

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Sir Fargo said...

Good start. Steve Rensch